Sunday, June 30, 2013

Lesson 1

It was the first day at work. I was roaming about in the office corridor with radars out looking for a colleague in my wavelength. Suddenly I came across a seemingly unassuming person in the corridor. He smiled at me and i said Hi. He asked me whether i was new there and I answered affirmatively. He had a limp in one of his legs, probably due to childhood polio. I managed to assess it without him noticing me. He was going to the canteen and wanted me to join him. As we both walked towards the canteen stairs, he caught hold of my hand for support. I became uncomfortable. Then i realised he would not be able to climb without the support and let him hold my hand. We ordered samosa for him and chai for me and sat down. As he began speaking, my picture of him started changing rapidly. He immediately gained my respect. We had the formal exchange of personal whereabouts and returned back to work. That day he told me about the things i needed to know to navigate smoothly at work. He gave me pointers about the bosses. He did all these to me even though i was a complete stranger to him. But he had a weakness, he wasn't that witty at work. He had to get something completed but wasn't able to. I offered to help him. Not for a second did he think that what a newbie like me would know, he immediately handed over the laptop to me and said, "Isko kaise bhi nipta de yaar." (finish this thing off as you see fit). I finished it off in no time. It made him so happy that he said, "You will be my saviour at work from now on." And I said to myself, "You would probably be my saviour outside work."

The lesson: A friend in your wavelength is hard to come by, and comes unexpectedly  and when he/she comes its your job to recognise and capture them for eternity.


  1. "A friend in your wavelength is hard to come by, and comes unexpecctedly, and when it comes its your job to recognise it and capture it for eternity". ...tru dat!!

  2. Am I allowed to make a picture of him in my mind? I've already made.
    This is secondary though.
    You write well. Please keep writing. I promise to be a honest and sincere reader :)

  3. Hi, Im affu and I enjoyed reading your blog :)