Saturday, July 6, 2013

Lesson 2

It was a hot summer afternoon. Everybody was busy with work. A mobile phone's ringtone broke the silence gently. My friend was the owner of that mobile and he answered the call with as gentle as a human voice could be. It seemed from his short consoling utterances that someone who was a friend of his friend was in trouble and needed desperate help. My friend then retired to a private corner to continue the chat. After half an hour he sat down in his seat. I enquired him about the details as I was 'interested'. He said that his friend's friend's father-in-law required urgent medical help and he was contacting people known to him to get the help. As he was conversing with me, he was readying to go somewhere. When I asked where he was going, he said "to see that gentleman". I was taken aback a bit because I would think twice to do such a thing even for a friend. The next day he seemed a bit dejected. I sensed that something went wrong and so was the case, the gentleman had died. When I tried to console him saying "he was just a distant friend's father-in-law", he replied "life toh life hai dost, ek din humari bhi baari ayegi." (life is life no matter what, our time would come soon) I stood there in contemplation. 

The lesson: Helping someone from whom you can't expect anything in return is the purest form of help. Helping is an attitude, make a habit of it.

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