Saturday, November 9, 2013

Random thoughts on Coffee, Tea and other beverages

It has occurred to me that coffee is best consumed by oneself or in the company of a pretty girl (or handsome guy), whereas tea must be had in groups of peers (Eg. friends). This will bring out the true purpose of the beverage in question. Much importance has to be attested here as these findings have resulted from my astute and long drawn observations. It is entirely based on economics. Please refer to table of differences for further enlightenment.


1. Whereas coffee is relatively expensive, tea is cheaper.
2. Coffee is often associated with a sense of being rich, exquisite and exotic, tea is on the other hand humble and common, with the exception of green or herbal tea (a marketing ploy).
3. Coffee is often consumed by those high in the social ladder, tea does not submit itself to class politics, a true socialist drink (save alcohol).
4. Coffee beans come in several types and there are even more ways of preparing it (cappuccino, latte, decaf etc.,), but the humble tea is had either with or without milk only. (tea types you see are just marketing ploys)
5. Coffee is usually served in westernised shops known as 'coffee houses' which have A/C and good ambience. Tea can be had almost anywhere, most commonly roadside with no seating options.
6. Coffee is rarely offered to guests, but tea is otherwise.
7. A cup of coffee is an article of luxury, it elates. Tea is a necessity, it relieves.
8. Coffee is had rarely, when something 'out of routine' has to be done. Tea can be had up to five times a day.
9. An american would more likely prefer coffee, whereas the british would prefer tea any time.

So, that is the humble tea and the luxurious coffee story. What's your cuppa?

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