Saturday, November 9, 2013

Randoms neural transmission (under exam prep mode)

The greatest illusion in life is to think that we are in control.

On Randomised Control Trials
  • A large proportion of our interpretational fallacies arise due to the explicit examination of obvious facts in isolation and lack thereof to compare them with unobserved and unobvious alternatives.
  • Thus following, if a RCT is one such obvious observation can't there be other simultaneous RCTs hitherto not thought of.
Gazals, Sufi songs and Qawwalis - Soothe the soul that is restless or injured.

Sufism (as I understand it) - Glorification and Commonisation of God (at the same time). Godification of Man, Godification of the lover (the unrequited one). The major subjects are Unrequited Love and Lover, the Wine, the Wine Glass, the Bar and last but not the least, the Barmaid. 

Our meetings have to be coincidental to evoke awe, they cannot be pre-arranged, like the sunrise or sunset but like the storm.

Sometimes in life, one single act of Hope can change everything. 

It is far more satisfying to lit a lamp that has never been lit than to poor oil into an half burnt one.

I am constantly amazed at the rate at which co-incidents occur. It makes me wonder if such a thing as randomness truly exists or may be it just reflects our inability to make connections and find associations.

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